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Looking for a tech partner focused on delivering value and driven by business outcomes? You are right here!

Web Development

We have professional web developers with strong programming skills and experiences to provide services for custom web application development, website design and development, web portal development, UI & UX design, API development and integration, ecommerce development, CMS development, maintenance and support as well as front & backend developemnt including quality assurance and testing.

Mobile Development

Kick your digital transformation journey with our agile and resilient legacy application modernization offerings. We help organizations transform their legacy application portfolio by employing cloud and Sass-based business models trough deep automation. We build feature-rich, engaging iOS & Android apps with multiple programming languages including automated QA & Testing as well as Power management, notification & geofencing.

Game Development

At TheWizLab, we have a team of top mobile game developers specialized in using state-of-the-art mobile game development tools and engines like Unity, Unreal engine, Lumberyard, etc. We develop high-quality 2D and 3D interactive mobile games for iOS and Android, with awe-inspiring graphics, smooth gameplay, fascinating storyline, and more! Our game app development process is a well-structured journey.

About Us

We turn ideas into great digital products.

Thanks to a collaboration between unique talents, we solve business challenges by building web apps based on scalable backend solutions(Node.js, PHP, Python, Java, Golang, etc) and frontend solutions(React, Vue.js, Angular, Bootstrap, Jquery), as well as mobile apps accesible on Android & iOS devices(React Native, Android, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift).
And game development with extraordinary design with 2D/3D.

Our ultimate goal is to feed public appetite and building out user-friendly products!

Frontend Development 100%
Backend Development 90%
API Development and Integration 85%
Mobile Development 90%
WordPress/CMS 100%
2D/3D Art 75%

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Our Work Process

Steps of development and services provided here!

Gathering Ideas

Get ideas from clients to understand their needs, goals, and expectations. Identify the project scope, features, and functionalities. Gather detailed requirements and specifications.

Project Planning

Develop a project plan outlining tasks, timelines, and milestones. Define roles and resposibilities withing the development team. Allocate resources and estimate costs.

Design Phase

Our dedicated design team will create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the software's user interface and experience. Develop system architecture and design technical specifications. Review and finalize the design with the client.


Coding and programming will be provided according to the specifications and design. Using version control systems like github to manage code changes and updates. Regularly update the client on the progress.

Testing and Review

Conduct various testing phases including unit testing, integration testing and system testing. Ensure software quality standards and incorporate client feedback and make necessary adjustments.

Deployment and Maintenance

Implement necessary infrastructure, monitor and ensure a smooth transition from development to live production. Provide ongoing maintenance and support. Address any post-deployment issues or bugs.


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Read review from our happy customers

TheWizLab produced great work and delivered an easy-to-use platform that has received positive internal feedback. The team’s work set up has been beneficial, always willing to address any issues that arise. Overall, the partnership has been pleasant.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

TheWizLab produces satisfactory deliverables to accelerate new feature releases. The team is attentive and manages the engagement effectively. They are analytical and communicate suggestions to encourage improvements.

Cinda Ong

Marketing Expert

The product was extremely well received by the industry, receiving positive feedback from users and gaining a reputation as the most cutting-edge solution in the market. It was communicative and organized throughout their work.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

We built a solid relationship with TheWizLab because they genuinely understood what we were trying to accomplish. The team was full of exceptional communicators, and we were always on the same page every step of the way.

Matt Brandon

Founder & Principal

The team has turned the software solution into a solid product, which makes the company’s customers happy. They’ve managed the engagement well in terms of deadlines, budgets, and communication. The partnership has been a success.

John Larson



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Dan Attia

CEO & Founder

Bryan Wang

CTO & Founder


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